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AMPIXTRACT® Urine DNA Isolation Kit

Isolate DNA from urine
ENZ-GEN502-0050 50 Reactions 218.00 USD
ENZ-GEN502-0100 100 Reactions 335.00 USD
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  • Fast - Entire procedure can be finished in just 20 mins with consistent isolation conditions.
  • Effective - High efficiency of DNA isolation from urine.
  • Reliable - Our specially designed F-Spin Columns allow for DNA to be conveniently recovered.
  • Safe - Use of non-toxic reagents and no phenol chloroform.
The AMPIXTRACT® Urine DNA Isolation Kit is very suitable for isolating DNA from urine. Typical yield of DNA isolated from urine using this kit varies depending on the input sample.

The AMPIXTRACT® Urine DNA Isolation Kit allows isolation of DNA size from 100 bp to 20 kb; DNA quantity from 1 ng to 2 µg, optimal at between 10 ng and 1 µg.
AMPIXTRACT® Urine DNA Isolation Kit Schematic
Figure 1. Schematic Procedure for using the AMPIXTRACT® Urine DNA Isolation Kit
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AMPIXTRACT® Urine DNA Isolation Kit Schematic

Product Details

Assay Time:20 minutes
Application Notes:Suitable for isolating DNA from urine
Use/Stability:The kit can be stored at room temperature (15-22°C) for up to 6 months, with the exception of component UD3 DNA Digestion Powder. Upon receipt, UD3 should be stored at -20°C, or stored at 4°C as soon as it is dissolved in UD2 (stable for up to 6 months).
Shipping:Ambient Temperature
Contents:UD1 (Suspending Buffer)
UD2 (DNA Digestion Solution)
UD3 (DNA Digestion Powder)
UD4 (DNA Capture Buffer)
UD5 (DNA Elution Solution)
F-Spin Column
F-Collection Tube
Product Manual
Technical Info/Product Notes:Input amount of urine can be 1 ng to 2 µg, with the optimal range between 10 ng and 1 µg. This kit can easily yield 1 ng to 4 µg of DNA in spin column format, which can be used for any molecular biology procedures such as PCR, restriction digestion, cloning and sequencing, etc.
Protocol:This kit simply applies our DNA isolation buffer to urine sediments. After treatment with the DNA digestion buffer, the DNA is easily recovered in 8- 20 µl through our specially designed F-Spin Column. DNA is then ready for down-stream application.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

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