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Selective inhibitor of sFRP-1
BML-WN108-0005 5 mg 179.00 USD
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Selective inhibitor(EC50=6.97µM) of Secreted Frizzled Related Protein-1 (sFRP-1). Treatment of mouse calvaria (ex vivo) resulted in a 50% increase in total bone area compared to control with an increased number of osteoblasts. A useful tool for studying the Wnt signaling pathway.

Product Details

Alternative Name:N-[2,(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)ethyl]-2-ethyl-5-(phenylsulfonul)benzenesulfonamide
Purity:≥98% (HPLC)
Appearance:White solid.
Solubility:Soluble in DMSO (40mg/ml) or in 100% ethanol (25mg/ml).
Long Term Storage:-20°C
Use/Stability:Stable for at least 6 months after receipt when stored at -20°C. Solutions can be stored at -20°C for up to 3 months.
Handling:Solutions can be stored at -20°C for up to 3 months.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
BML-WN108 Structure
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BML-WN108 Structure

Product Literature References

Identification of Diarylsulfone Sulfonamides as Secreted Frizzled Related Protein-1 (sFRP-1) Inhibitors: A. Gopalsamy, et al.; J. Med. Chem. 51, 7670 (2008), Abstract;

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