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Nitric oxide synthase (inducible) polyclonal antibody

BML-SA200-0025 25 µl 199.00 USD
BML-SA200-0100 100 µl 611.00 USD
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Product Details

Alternative Name:iNOS, NOS II
Immunogen:Synthetic peptide corresponding to aa 1131-1141 of mouse macrophage NOS.
UniProt ID:P29477
Gene/Protein Identifier:NM_010927 (RefSeq)
Species reactivity:Human, Mouse, Rat
Crossreactivity:Does not cross-react with eNOS or nNOS.
Applications:ICC, IHC, WB
Recommended Dilutions/Conditions:Immunocytochemistry (1:500)
Immunohistochemistry (1:500)
Western Blot (1:2,000)
Suggested dilutions/conditions may not be available for all applications.
Optimal conditions must be determined individually for each application.
Application Notes:Detects a band of ~130kDa by Western blot.
Blocking Peptide:For Blocking peptide see Prod. No. BML-SP200.
Formulation:Liquid. In PBS containing 0.05% sodium azide.
Handling:Avoid freeze/thaw cycles. After reconstitution, prepare aliquots and store at -20°C.
Shipping:Dry Ice
Long Term Storage:-80°C
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
Nitric oxide synthase (inducible) polyclonal antibody Western blot
Western blot analysis of lysate from mouse macrophage RAW 264.7 cell line, which was induced with IFNγ and LPS. The nitrocellulose membrane was probed with Anti-iNOS [Prod. no. BML-SA200] at 1/1000 dilution. Blot was developed with “Vectastain ABC Kit” and BCIP/NBT. Arrow points to MW ~130kDa.
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Nitric oxide synthase (inducible) polyclonal antibody Western blot

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General Literature References

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NOS Polyclonal antibody
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