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Calcineurin cellular activity assay kit

Provides everything needed to assay calcineurin cellular activity, including recombinant calcineurin control
BML-AK816-0001 96 wells 638.00 USD
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  • Safe and non-radioactive assay
  • Convenient 1-step detection
  • Excellent sensitivity
A complete colorimetric assay kit for measuring cellular calcineurin (PP2B) phosphatase activity. It employs a convenient 96-well plate format with all reagents necessary for measuring calcineurin (PP2B) phosphatase activity in tissue/cellular extracts PLUS human recombinant calcineurin is included as a positive control. The RII phosphopeptide substrate, supplied with this kit is the most efficient and selective peptide known for calcineurin. The detection of free-phosphate released is based on the classic malachite green assay.
Calcineurin cellular activity assay kit Fig3
CaN Positive Control. Purified calcineurin (BML-SE163-9090) positive control. The CaN was incubated 1 hr at 30°C under various buffer conditions. The results demonstrate that CaN activity is inhibited by the EGTA buffer, but not inhibited by 100nM or 500nM concentrations of okadaic acid
Calcineurin cellular activity assay kit Fig2
Cellular CaN Assay Using Mouse Brain Phosphatase activity from a freshly prepared mouse brain extract. Prior to gel filtration the extract was diluted 1:1 in lysis buffer containing protease inhibitors. After gel filtration and prior to the phosphatase assay, the extract was diluted 1/25 in lysis buffer. Well contents were as in manual. The reaction was incubated for 30 min at 30°C.
Calcineurin cellular activity assay kit Standard curve
BIOMOL GREEN™ Phosphate Standard Curve
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Calcineurin cellular activity assay kit Fig3 Calcineurin cellular activity assay kit Fig2 Calcineurin cellular activity assay kit Standard curve

Product Details

Applications:Colorimetric detection
Use/Stability:Store all components except the microtiter plate at 80°C for the highest stability. The calcineurin enzyme component SE163-9090 must be handled particularly carefully in order to retain maximal enzymatic activity. Thaw it quickly in a RT water bath or by rubbing between fingers, then immediately store on an ice bath. The remaining unused enzyme should be quickly refrozen by placing at -80°C. To minimize the number of freeze/thaw cycles, aliquot the calcineurin into separate tubes and store at -80°C.
Shipping:Dry Ice
Long Term Storage:-80°C

Calcineurin enzyme, Calmodulin (human, recombinant), Substrate (RII phosphopeptide), 2x assay buffer, EGTA Buffer, Lysis Buffer, Protease inhibitor cocktail, Biomol Green™ Reagent, Phosphate standard, Okadaic acid, Desalting column and resin, ½-Volume microplate

Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
Compatibility:This product is compatible with the Absorbance 96 Plate Reader.

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