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Proteasome 20S assay kit

BML-AK740-0001 96 wells 708.00 USD
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Replaces Prod. #: ALX-850-230

A QUANTIZYME® Assay System. Fluorogenic, non-radioactive assay designed to measure chymotrypsin-like protease activity of purified 20S proteasome. This 96-well assay is useful for screening inhibitors and modulators of the 20S proteasome. The kit includes purified, human erythrocyte 20S proteasome (20µg). The Suc-LLVY-AMC fluorogenic peptide substrate supplied with this kit is a proteasome substrate commonly used for measuring chymotrypsin-like peptidase activity. The detection of proteolytic activity is based on the release of free AMC fluorophore and offers the following advantages: non-radioactive, convenient real-time kinetics of substrate cleavage, and excellent sensitivity. A proteasome inhibitor, epoxomicin, is included as a test inhibitor for screening purposes.
Proteasome 20S assay kit Fig4A
Proteasome 20S assay kit Standard curve
Proteasome 20S assay kit Fig3A
Proteasome 20S assay kit Fig3B
Proteasome 20S assay kit Fig4B
Proteasome 20S assay kit time_courses
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Proteasome 20S assay kit Fig4A Proteasome 20S assay kit Standard curve Proteasome 20S assay kit Fig3A Proteasome 20S assay kit Fig3B Proteasome 20S assay kit Fig4B Proteasome 20S assay kit time_courses

Product Details

Applications:Fluorescent detection, HTS
Activity assay
Handling:Do not store at temperature below recommended storage condition.
Shipping:Blue Ice
Long Term Storage:-20°C
Contents:Proteasome 20S (human) (purified) (Prod. No. BML-PW8720)
Suc-Leu-Leu-Val-Tyr-AMC (Prod. No. BML-P802)
Proteasome Assay Buffer (Prod. No. BML-KI340)
Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (Prod. No. BML-KI341)
Epoxomicin (Prod. No. BML-PI127)
AMC (7-Amino-4-methylcoumarin) Calibration Standard (Prod. No. BML-KI144)
1/2 Volume White Microplates (Prod. No. BML-KI571)
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

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General Literature References

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