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Caspase-1 colorimetric assay kit

ALX-850-211-KI01 25 tests 235.00 USD
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Based on the spectrophotometric detection of the chromophore pNA (p-nitroaniline) after cleavage from the labelled substrate YVAD-pNA.

Product Specification

Applications:Colorimetric detection
Activity assay
Handling:Store Cell Lysis Buffer, 2X Reaction Buffer and Dilution Buffer at 4°C after opening. Protect from light.
Shipping:Shipped on Blue Ice
Long Term Storage:-20°C
Contents:25ml Cell Lysis Buffer, 2ml 2X Reaction Buffer, 125µl YVAD-pNA (1mM), 100µl DTT (1M), 25ml Dilution Buffer.
Technical Info/Product Notes:The pNA light emission can be quantified using a spectrophotometer or a microtiter plate reader at 400 or 405nm. Comparison of the absorbance of pNA from an treated sample with an untreated control allows determination of the fold increase in caspase-1 activity.Historical data has shown that BAFF mediates splenocyte survival and induces monocyte survival.

Biocompare Article: Keep an Eye on Apoptosis with Caspase Assays
UniProt ID:P29466
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

Product Literature References

CDK5 protects from caspase‐induced Ataxin‐3 cleavage and neurodegeneration: J. Liman, et al.; J. Neurochem. 129, 1013 (2014), Abstract;

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