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AIM2 (human) monoclonal antibody (3B10)

ALX-804-891-C100 100 µg 429.00 USD
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Product Details

Alternative Name:Interferon-inducible protein AIM2, Absent in melanoma 2
Immunogen:Recombinant human AIM2 (aa 1-186) with GST-tag.
UniProt ID:O14862
Gene/Protein Identifier:9447 (Entrez GeneID)
Species reactivity:Human
Applications:IF, IP, WB
Recommended Dilutions/Conditions:Western blot (0.5-2 μg/ml)
Suggested dilutions/conditions may not be available for all applications.
Optimal conditions must be determined individually for each application.
Application Notes:Detects a band of ~39kDa by Western blot.
Purity Detail:Affinity purified.
Formulation:Liquid. In PBS, pH 7.2, containing 0.09% sodium azide.
Shipping:Blue Ice Not Frozen
Short Term Storage:+4°C
Scientific Background:AIM2 is a strong candidate as a tumor suppressor as it is a member of the HIN-200 (hemopoietic interferon-inducible, nuclear proteins containing a 200 amino acid repeat) family of proteins that have been shown to regulate cell growth and survival. The HIN-200 family of proteins consists of four members in human, IFI 16, MNDA, AIM2 and IFIXl. It has been reported that AIM2 is a receptor for cytosolic dsDNA, which forms an inflammasome complex with ASC to activate caspase-1-mediated processing of IL-1β.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

Product Literature References

AIM2 activates the inflammasome and cell death in response to cytoplasmic DNA: T. Fernandes-Alnemri, et al.; Nature 458, 7237 (2009), Abstract;
AIM2 recognizes cytosolic dsDNA and forms a caspase-1-activating inflammasome with ASC: V. Hornung, et al.; Nature 458, 514 (2009), Abstract;
Biochemical and growth regulatory activities of the HIN-200 family member and putative tumor suppressor protein, AIM2: K.S. Cresswell, et al.; BBRC 326, 417 (2005), Abstract;

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