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LIMK1 monoclonal antibody (1B11)

ALX-803-343-C100 100 µg 292.00 USD
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Product Details

Alternative Name:LIM domain kinase 1
Immunogen:Recombinant LIM + PDZ domain of LIMK1.
UniProt ID:P53667 (human)
Source:Purified from concentrated hybridoma tissue culture supernatant.
Species reactivity:Species independent
Specificity:Recognizes full length GFP-LIMK1 and GFP-PDZ domain but not the GFP-LIM or GFP-kinase regions.
Crossreactivity:Does not cross-react with LIMK2.
Applications:ICC, IHC, IP, WB
Recommended Dilutions/Conditions:Immunoprecipitation (20ng/ml)
Immunohistochemistry (paraffin sections 10µg/ml)
Immunocytochemistry (10µg/ml)
Western Blot (200ng/ml)
Suggested dilutions/conditions may not be available for all applications.
Optimal conditions must be determined individually for each application.
Purity Detail:Protein G affinity purified.
Formulation:Liquid. In PBS containing 10% glycerol and 0.02% sodium azide.
Use/Stability:Stable for at least 1 year after receipt when stored at -20°C.
Handling:Avoid freeze/thaw cycles. After opening, prepare aliquots and store at -20°C.
Shipping:Blue Ice
Short Term Storage:+4°C
Long Term Storage:-20°C
Scientific Background:The LIM kinases 1 and 2 (LIMK1 and LIMK2) are activated downstream of the Rho-ROCK, Rac-PAK, and Cdc42-MRCK pathways, thereby acting as network nodes in the signaling pathways that regulate the actin cytoskeleton. LIMK is required for matrix remodeling activities for path generation by leading cells in collective invasion. LIMK1 phosphorylates and inactivates the actin binding/depolymerizing factor cofilin, thereby stabilizing the actin cytoskeleton.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

Product Literature References

LIM kinases: function, regulation and association with human disease: R.W. Scott & M.F. Olson; J. Mol. Med. 85, 555 (2007), Abstract;
The phosphorylation of p25/TPPP by LIM kinase 1 inhibits its ability to assemble microtubules: K. Acevedo, et al.; Exp. Cell Res. 313, 4091 (2007), Abstract;
Hsp90 increases LIM kinase activity by promoting its homo-dimerization: R. Li, et al.; FASEB J. 20, 1218 (2006), Abstract;
LIM kinase 1 coordinates microtubule stability and actin polymerization in human endothelial cells: M. Gorovoy, et al.; J. Biol. Chem. 280, 26533 (2005), Abstract;
LIM kinase 1, a key regulator of actin dynamics, is widely expressed in embryonic and adult tissues: V.C. Foletta, et al.; Exp. Cell Res. 294, 392 (2004), Abstract;

General Literature References

LIM kinases are required for invasive path generation by tumor and tumor-associated stromal cells: R.W. Scott, et al.; J. Cell Biol. 191, 169 (2010), Abstract;

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LIMK Monoclonal antibody
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