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AT-ODN-1 (endotoxin-free) (synthetic)

TLR9 activator
ALX-746-024-C100 100 µg 295.00 USD
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IFN-γ inducing non-CpG ODN of the AT-type, found in the Malaria genome; TLR9 (Toll-like receptor 9)-dependent immune activation.

Product Details

Sequence:TATAATTTTAATTTCCAAGA Nucleotides depicted in italics show the corresponding AT-ODN sequence.
Formulation:Lyophilized. Sterile.
Endotoxin Content:<0.0002EU/µg (LAL test; BioWhittaker)
Reconstitution:For a 100µM stock solution, dissolve the total vial content in 157µl endotoxin-free water (included) or PBS (to order separately). To obtain optimal dissolving we recommend the following procedure:
- Add 50% of the solvent and let dissolve for 10 min.
- Add remaining 50% of the solvent and mix thoroughly.
- Moderate warming may aid dissolving.
Shipping:Ambient Temperature
Long Term Storage:+4°C
Use/Stability:Aqueous stock solution is stable for 1 day when stored at +4°C.
Handling:Protect from light. For maximum product recovery after thawing, centrifuge the vial before opening the cap. After reconstitution, prepare aliquots and store at -20°C.
Scientific Background:CpG ODNs are well known for their immunostimulatory effect mediated by the activation of TLR9. It has been shown that not only CpG ODNs but also some AT-rich DNA fragments (AT-ODNs) are able to exert this effect. AT-ODNs with TLR9-activating and immunostimulatory properties were identified in Lactobacillus gasseri as well as in the malarial pathogen Plasmodium falciparum. AT-ODNs are useful tools for studying the role of TLR9 in the innate immunological response and in inflammation.
Technical Info/Product Notes:Includes 1 vial of ddWater (endotoxin-free) (Prod. No. ALX-505-008).
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

General Literature References

Malaria hemozoin is immunologically inert but radically enhances innate responses by presenting malaria DNA to Toll-like receptor 9: P. Parroche, et al.; PNAS 104, 1919 (2007), Abstract;
Malarial fever: hemozoin is involved but Toll-free: R.R. Schumann; PNAS 104, 1743 (2007), Abstract;
Strong immunostimulatory activity of AT-oligodeoxynucleotide requires a six-base loop with a self-stabilized 5’-C...G-3’ stem structure: T. Shimosato, et al.; Cell. Microbiol. 8, 485 (2006), Abstract;
Augmentation of T(H)-1 type response by immunoactive AT oligonucleotide from lactic acid bacteria via Toll-like receptor 9 signaling: T. Shimosato, et al.; BBRC 326, 782 (2005), Abstract;
AT oligonucleotides inducing B lymphocyte activation exist in probiotic Lactobacillus gasseri: H. Kitazawa, et al.; Int. J. Food. Microbiol. 65, 149 (2001), Abstract;

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