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CDK inhibitor
ALX-430-161-M005 5 mg 93.00 USD
ALX-430-161-M025 25 mg 339.00 USD
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Potent inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs). Induces apoptosis in certain tumor cells. Interacts with multidrug resistance protein 1 (MRP1).

Product Details

Alternative Name:Alvocidib, (-)-2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-5,7-dihydroxy-8-[(3R,4S)-3-hydroxy-1-methyl-4-piperidinyl]-4H-1-benzopyran-4-one
MI:14: 4094
Purity:≥97% (HPLC)
Identity:Identity determined by 1H-NMR.
Appearance:Yellow powder.
Solubility:Soluble in chloroform; slightly soluble in water.
Shipping:Ambient Temperature
Long Term Storage:+4°C
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
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Product Literature References

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