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3-O-Acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid

Inhibitor of lipoxygenase and topoisomerase
ALX-350-310-M005 5 mg 206.00 USD
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Shows antitumor and anti-inflammatory activities. Potent non-redox, noncompetitive 5-lipoxygenase and topoisomerase I and IIa inhibitor leading to apoptosis. 10-times more potent than 3-O-acetyl-β-boswellic acid (Prod. No. ALX-350-308). Exhibits in vivo efficacy in tumor growth and inhibition.

Product Details

Alternative Name:AKβBA
Source:Isolated from Boswellia serrata.
Purity:≥98% (HPLC)
Appearance:White to off-white solid.
Solubility:Soluble in acetone, dichloromethane, diethyl ether or DMSO.
Shipping:Ambient Temperature
Long Term Storage:-20°C
Use/Stability:Stock solutions are stable for up to 3 months when stored at -20°C.
Handling:Protect from light.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
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