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p38 inhibitor
ALX-270-325-C500 500 µg 291.00 USD
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Potent and specific inhibitor of human p38 (SAPK2a; IC50=60nM). Exhibits over 2000-fold greater selectivity for p38 over ERK (MAPK), 500-fold over cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA), 50-fold over protein kinase C (PKC), and >1000-fold over EGFR. Acts as a potent inhibitor of angiogenesis and as an inhibitor of TNF-α production.

Product Details

Alternative Name:5-(2-Amino-4-pyrimidinyl)-4-(4-fluorophenyl)-1-(4-piperidinyl)imidazole
Purity:≥95% (HPLC)
Appearance:White to pale amber solid.
Solubility:Soluble in DMSO (100mg/ml).
Shipping:Ambient Temperature
Long Term Storage:-20°C
Handling:Protect from light. Packaged under inert gas. Hygroscopic.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
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Product Literature References

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p38 Inhibitor
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