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eNampt (Visfatin/PBEF) (human), (recombinant)

ALX-201-336-C010 10 µg Inquire for pricing
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Product Specification

Alternative Name:Extracellular Nampt, Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase, Pre-B-cell colony enhancing factor 1
Source:Produced in CHO cells. Secreted from the cells using a proprietary signal peptide. Full length extracellular human Nampt (visfatin/PBEF) (aa 1-491) is fused at the N-terminus to a FLAG®-tag.
UniProt ID:P43490
Formulation:Lyophilized. In PBS
Purity:≥95% (SDS-PAGE)
Purity Detail:Purified by multi-step chromatography.
Endotoxin Content:<0.1EU/µg protein (LAL-test).
Biological Activity:Shows adipogenic effects in stimulated differentiating 3T3-L1 cells.
Shipping:Shipped on Blue Ice
Long Term Storage:-20°C
Use/Stability:Working aliquots are stable for up to 3 months when stored at -20°C.
Handling:For maximum product recovery, centrifuge the vial before opening the cap. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles. After reconstitution, prepare aliquots and store at -20°C.
Technical Info/Product Notes:FLAG is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
eNampt (Visfatin/PBEF) (human), (recombinant) adipogenic_effect
Figure 2: Adipogenic effects of eNampt (Visfatin/PBEF) (human), (recombinant) (Prod. No. ALX-201-336) on differentiating 3T3-L1 cells. Method: 1 µg/ml recombinant human eNampt or human insulin was added to the differentiating 3T3-L1 cells that had been stimulated with 1 µM dexamethasone and 0.5 mM 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine (IBMX) for 2 days. After 6 days, fat droplets were stained with Oil-Red O.
eNampt (Visfatin/PBEF) (human), (recombinant) SDS-PAGE
SDS-PAGE Analysis: Lane 1: MWM; Lane 2: 1.0 µg of purified eNampt (Visfatin/PBEF).
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eNampt (Visfatin/PBEF) (human), (recombinant) adipogenic_effect eNampt (Visfatin/PBEF) (human), (recombinant) SDS-PAGE

Product Literature References

Pre-B cell colony enhancing factor (PBEF)/visfatin induces secretion of MCP-1 in human endothelial cells: role in visfatin-induced angiogenesis: R. Adya, et al.; Atherosclerosis 205, 113 (2009), Abstract;
Visfatin induces human endothelial VEGF and MMP-2/9 production via MAPK and PI3K/Akt signalling pathways: novel insights into visfatin-induced angiogenesis: R. Adya, et al.; Cardiovasc. Res. 78, 356 (2008), Abstract;
Molecular characteristics of serum visfatin and differential detection by immunoassays: A. Korner, et al.; J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 92, 4783 (2007), Abstract;
Nampt/PBEF/Visfatin regulates insulin secretion in beta cells as a systemic NAD biosynthetic enzyme: J.R. Revollo, et al.; Cell Metab. 6, 363 (2007), Abstract; Full Text

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