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Granzyme A (human)

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Product Details

MW:~52kDa (fully glycosylated homodimer)
Source:Human cytotoxic granules of NK-92 cells.
UniProt ID:P12544
Formulation:Liquid. In ~0.15M sodium chloride.
Purity Detail:Purified by differential solubilization and cation exchange chromatography. Dialyzed against 0.15M sodium chloride and concentrated.
Specific Activity:~9.2U/µg protein. One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that hydrolyzes 1nmole of Z-Lys-SBzl per min. at 25°C in 0.05M TRIS, pH 8.0, containing 0.15M NaCl, 0.01% Triton X-100, 0.3mM DTNB.
Shipping:Dry Ice
Long Term Storage:-80°C
Use/Stability:Stable for at least 6 months when stored at -80°C. Do not store dilute solutions (1-1000ng/ml) for more than 24 hours.
Handling:For maximum product recovery after thawing, centrifuge the vial before opening the cap. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles. After opening, prepare aliquots and store at -80°C.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

Product Literature References

Differential immunological signature at the culprit site distinguishes acute coronary syndrome with intact from acute coronary syndrome with ruptured fibrous cap: results from the prospective translational OPTICO-ACS study: D.M. Leistner, et al.; Eur. Heart J. 41, 3549 (2020), Abstract; Full Text
Human and mouse granzyme a induce a proinflammatory cytokine response: S.S. Metkar, et al.; Immunitiy 29, 720 (2008), Abstract;
Granzyme A induces caspase-independent mitochondrial damage, a required first step for apoptosis: D. Martinvalet, et al.; Immunity 22, 355 (2005), Abstract;

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