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Ubiquitin polyclonal antibody

ADI-SPA-200-D 50 µg 193.00 USD
ADI-SPA-200-F 200 µg 377.00 USD
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Product Details

Immunogen:Native bovine Ubiquitin.
UniProt ID:P0CG53
Gene/Protein Identifier:NP_776558 (RefSeq)
Source:Purified from rabbit serum.
Species reactivity:Human, Mouse, Rat
Bovine, Chicken, Dog, Drosophila, Fish, Guinea pig, Hamster, Monkey, Porcine, Rabbit, Sheep, Xenopus, Yeast
Applications:ICC, IHC (PS), WB
Recommended Dilutions/Conditions:Western Blot (1:5,000, ECL)
Suggested dilutions/conditions may not be available for all applications.
Optimal conditions must be determined individually for each application.
Application Notes:Detects a band of ~8kDa by Western blot.
Purity Detail:Protein A affinity purified.
Formulation:Liquid. In PBS, pH 7.2, containing 50% glycerol and 0.09% sodium azide.
Handling:Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
Shipping:Shipped on Blue Ice
Long Term Storage:-20°C
Scientific Background:Ubiquitin (Ub) plays a very important role in regulated non-lysosomal ATP dependent protein degradation. The protein to be degraded is conjugated to Ub and the ubiquinated protein is then selectively degraded by the 26S complex, a multicatalytic cytosolic and nuclear protease. The Ub-proteasome proteolytic pathway, which is a complex process, is implicated to be of great importance for regulating numerous cellular processes.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
Ubiquitin polyclonal antibody Immunohistochemistry
Immunohistochemistry analysis of human brain, cortex, senile plaque tissue stained with Ubiquitin, pAb at 10μg/ml.
Ubiquitin polyclonal antibody Western blot
Western blot analysis: Ubiquitin protein probed with Ubiquitin pAb.
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Ubiquitin polyclonal antibody Immunohistochemistry Ubiquitin polyclonal antibody Western blot

Product Literature References

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