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Rap1 activation kit

ADI-EKS-455 30 tests 1,504.00 USD
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The Rap1 activation kit provides a simple, convenient and efficient tool for monitoring the activation of the small GTPase, Rap1. This assay uses a GST-fusion protein containing the Rap1 binding domain (RBD) of human Ra1GDS to affinity precipitate active Rap1 (GTP-Rap1) from cell lysates. The GST-Ra1GDS-RBD fusion protein (~40kDa) is incubated with cell lysate and a Glutathione Resin. The pulled-down active or GTP-Rap1 is detected by Western blot analysis using a specific Rap1 Antibody.
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Product Details

Activity assay, GST pulldown
Application Notes:For the measurement of active Rap1 in cell lysates of human, mouse, and rat origin.
Species reactivity:Human, Mouse, Rat
Use/Stability:Reagents require separate storage conditions upon receipt.
Shipping:Dry Ice
Contents:Glutathione Resin, 2X SDS Sample Buffer, 1X Lysis/Binding/Wash Buffer, Antibody, GST-Ra1GDS-RBD, 100X GDP, 100X GTP, Spin Cups, Collection Tubes
Scientific Background:Rap1, which is a member of the Ras family of GTP-binding proteins, cycles between an active GTP-bound and an unactive GDP-bound form that is mediated by GTPase activating protein (GAP). Rap1 is proposed to regulate Ras-mediated signaling and may also be involved in the regulation of Integrin-mediated cell adhesion although the mechanism of regulation is not known.
UniProt ID:P62834 (Rap1A), P61224 (Rap1B)
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

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