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HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount

Permanent, high stability mounting medium for high definition visualization of IHC.
ADI-950-260-0025 25 ml Inquire for pricing
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  • Aqueous-based permanent mounting medium designed for fluorogenic labeling and ideal for long-term storage of processed tissue
  • High definition visualization for IHC, IF, ISH, FISH
HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount is for mounting tissue specimens stained with fluorescent dyes. Designed for use in fluorescence, but can be used with other applications.

Product Details

Formulation:Liquid. Mounting medium containing <0.1% sodium azide.
Applications:IF, IHC
ISH (in situ hybridization)
Long Term Storage:Ambient
Technical Info/Product Notes:HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount is an aqueous-based mounting medium for applying coverslips to tissues stained with fluorescent dyes. This product is compatible with FITC, phycoerythrin, phycocyanin, and allophycocyanin. It can also be used with other fluorescent markers such as Texas Red and rhodamine.
Protocol:Mounting Procedure:
  1. Remove the red tip from the bottle and cut the tip off with a sharp razor or scissors. This will allow smooth flow of HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount and will prevent formation of bubbles.
  2. Place the bottle upside down in a container. This will help clear HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount of tiny bubbles.
  3. Blot excess water from the slide without letting tissue specimens dry. Tissue should be wet prior to mounting.
  4. Apply 2-3 drops of HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount on the tissue section and gently apply a cover slip. Allow HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount to dry for 30-45 minutes at room temperature. For long term storage, seal coverslip edges with nail polish
Removal of Fluoromount: HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount is an aqueous-based mounting medium and can easily be removed by soaking slides in deionized water. Place a slide in a beaker full of deionized water on a magnetic stirrer. Allow the slide to soak for few hours (or overnight) with gentle stirring for complete removal of dry HIGHDEF® IHC fluoromount.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

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Permanent, high stability mounting medium for high definition visualization of IHC.
IF, IHC, ISH (in situ hybridization) | Print as PDF
ADI-950-261-0030 30 ml Inquire for pricing
Do you need bulk/larger quantities?

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