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IHC PAP (mini) pen

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The IHC PAP (mini) pen provides a hydrophobic barrier when a circle is drawn around a specimen on a glass slide.

Product Details

Applications:IF, IHC
ISH (in situ hybridization)
Long Term Storage:Ambient
Use/Stability:Always keep the pen tightly capped and store horizontally. Press down on the tip when the pen starts to dry out.
Technical Info/Product Notes:The IHC PAP (mini) pen provides a thin, film like water repellant barrier when a circle is drawn around the specimen on the glass slide. This barrier creates the proper surface tension to hold antibody solution within the target area on the slide. This avoids the repeated wipeout around the specimen during the staining procedure. Since the reagent is guarded by the hydrophobic circle around the tissue, it minimizes the undesirable dilution of the reagents with the wash buffer. This pen can be used for PAP, ABC, immunofluorescence method, frozen sections, and in situ hybridization procedures. The IHC PAP (mini) pen is especially useful when working with multiple sections on a single slide because its tip is smaller than IHC PAP pen.

Interpretation of the results will be the sole responsibility of the user.

The pen is applicable to microwave staining and in-situ hybridization. Circles made by the pen are heat resistant up to 120°C, ready to be used directly on wet slides, insoluble in alcohol and acetone, and withstand rehydration and dehydration steps in alcohol. If desired, circles can be removed by xylene after the staining procedure is complete.
Protocol:Preparation before use: Before use, hold the pen point up and press it with your fingertip to take blocked air out from the pen barrel to prevent overflow.
Procedure: To start, press the tip of the pen straight down until fluid starts soaking the tip and then draw a circle around the specimen
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
IHC PAP (mini) pen PEN
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IHC PAP (mini) pen PEN

Product Literature References

Isolation, expansion, differentiation, and histological processing of human nasal epithelial cells: V. Manna, et al.; STAR Protoc. 2, 100782 (2021), Abstract;

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ADI-950-233-0001 1 ea Inquire for pricing
Do you need bulk/larger quantities?

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