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IL-10 (human), ELISA kit

ADI-901-036 5x96 wells 2,503.00 USD
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Alternative size available: ADI-900-036 (1x96 wells)
  • Ready-to-use - liquid color-coded reagents reduce error
  • Sensitive - detect < 4 pg/ml of IL-10
  • Fast - results in < 3 hours from up to 39 samples in duplicate
  • Ready-to-use reagents and pre-coated plates reduce errors and save your time
  • Save with bulk kit package!
The IL-10 (human), EIA kit is a colorimetric immunometric enzyme immunoassay kit with results in < 3 hours. Absorbance is read at 450 nm. Ready-to-use liquid color-coded reagents reduce laboratory errors.

Product Details

Alternative Name:Interleukin-10
Sensitivity:3.75 pg/ml (range 7.81 - 500 pg/ml)
Assay Time:<3 hours
Applications:ELISA, Colorimetric detection
Application Notes:For the quantitative determination of human IL-10 in culture supernatants, plasma, and serum.
Wavelength:450 nm
Species reactivity:Human
Use/Stability:Store all components at +4°C, except standard at -20°C.
Shipping:Blue Ice
Contents:Microtiter plate, Conjugate, Antibody, Assay buffer 13 concentrate, Wash buffer concentrate, Standard, TMB Substrate, Stop solution 2
Scientific Background:Interleukin-10 (IL-10) was initially identified as the Cytokine Synthesis Inhibitory Factor based on the observation that mouse Th1 cytokine production was suppressed by a Th2-derived factor. IL-10 is a macrophage deactivating factor, acting on macrophage-monocyte accessory cells to produce its inhibitory effects on T cells and natural killer cells. It also regulates growth and/or differentiation of B cells, mast cells, granulocytes, dendritic cells, keratinocytes and endothelial cells. Circulating levels of IL-10 are increased in allergic asthma, systemic sclerosis, a variety of cancers, post-transplantation patients, and in sepsis. The therapeutic potential of IL-10 includes rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, and HIV infection.
Technical Info/Product Notes:Cited samples:
Cytokine ELISAs Cited Samples
UniProt ID:P22301
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
Compatibility:This product is compatible with the Absorbance 96 Plate Reader.

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Product Literature References

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IL-10 Immunoassay kit
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