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Survivin (human), ELISA kit

First-to-market survivin ELISA commercially available for apoptosis reasearch.
ADI-900-111 96 wells 723.00 USD
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  • Easy-to-use - ready-to-use liquid color-coded reagents reduce errors
  • Fast - fully quantitative results in just 3 hours from up to 40 samples in duplicate
  • Trusted - cited in peer-reviewed journal articles
The Survivin (human), EIA kit is a colorimetric immunometric enzyme immunoassay kit with results in 3 hours. Absorbance is read at 450 nm. This is the first Survivin (human), EIA kit commercially available and has been cited in numerous peer-reviewed publications.
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Product Specification

Alternative Name:TIAP
Sensitivity:4 pg/ml (range 31.25 - 1,000 pg/ml)
Assay Time:3 hours
Applications:ELISA, Colorimetric detection
Application Notes:For the quantitative determination of human Survivin in cell lysates, culture supernatants, plasma, serum, and urine.
Species reactivity:Human
Crossreactivity:Human Survivin (100%) and <0.10%: human MEK 1, pJnk, p300, Granzyme B, Caspase-3, Caspase-9
Shipping:Blue Ice Not Frozen
Long Term Storage:+4°C
Contents:Survivin Microtiter plate, Conjugate, Antibody, Assay buffer 20, Wash buffer concentrate, Standard, TMB Substrate, Stop solution 2, Cell lysis buffer 2, Cell dilution buffer concentrate
Scientific Background:Survivin is a 16.5 kDa protein and the smallest inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP) so far identified. It is involved in the inhibition of apoptosis and cell division. Survivin expression has been reported at high levels in embryonic tissues, but at low or non-detectable levels in normal tissue. Survivin regulates the G2/M phase of the cell cycle by associating with the mitotic spindle microtubules and directly inhibits Caspase-3 and Caspase-7. Survivin is selectively expressed in the most common human cancers and is associated with clinical tumor progression. It has been proposed as a tumor marker for breast cancer, and Survivin expression has been correlated to clinical outcome in melanoma patients. Down-regulation or loss of Survivin is thought to inhibit the growth of tumor cells. Further, it has been indicated that Survivin epitopes may serve as important targets for anticancer immunotherapy approaches, and that Survivin is a rational target for apoptosis-based cancer therapy. It has also been proposed that Survivin may be used as a universal tumor antigen for immunotherapy.
UniProt ID:O15392
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only

Product Literature References

Evaluation of a New Survivin ELISA and UBC® Rapid for the Detection of Bladder Cancer in Urine: J. Gleichenhagen, et al.; Int. J. Mol. Sci. 19, E226 (2018), Abstract;
Analytical Performance of ELISA Assays in Urine: One More Bottleneck towards Biomarker Validation and Clinical Implementation: D. Chatziharalambous, et al.; PLoS One 11, e0149471 (2016), Application(s): Measurement of Survivin levels, Abstract; Full Text
Oral silibinin inhibits in vivo human bladder tumor xenograft growth involving down-regulation of survivin: R. Agarwal, et al. ; Clin. Cancer Res. 14, 300 (2008), Application(s): EIA using human serum, Abstract;
Serum her-2/neu and survivin levels and their relationship to histological parameters in early-stage breast cancer: G. Goksel, et al. ; J. Int. Med. Res. 35, 165 (2007), Application(s): EIA using human serum, Abstract;
Survivin, a member of the inhibitor of apoptosis family, is induced by photodynamic therapy and is a target for improving treatment response: C. Gomer, et al. ; Cancer Res. 67, 4989 (2007), Application(s): EIA using human cell lysates, Abstract;

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