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[pThr202/Tyr204]Erk1/2 ELISA kit

Sensitive ELISA kit for this key cell signaling molecule for kinase, proliferation, apoptosis, and differentiation research.
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  • Sensitive - measure as little as 2.67 pg/ml of pERK
  • Higher throughput - test up to 40 samples in duplicate in just 3 hours
  • Quantitative - obtain statistically significant results and compare data between multiple experiments
  • Ready-to-use - save time and reduce errors with pre-coated plates
The [pThr202/Tyr204]Erk1/2 EIA kit is a complete assay for the quantitative determination of phosphorylated Erk1/2 using colorimetric detection read at 450 nm. The Extracellular regulated kinases, Erk-1 and Erk-2, both play a critical role in cellular proliferation. These extracellular kinases, are known to reside downstream of the Mitogen activated protein kinase/Extracellular protein kinases referred to as MEK. Both MEK-1 and MEK-2 phosphorylate and activate Erk on the conserved TEY motif within the activation loop of the kinase.
[pThr202/Tyr204]Erk1/2 ELISA kit Standard curve
[pThr202/Tyr204]Erk1/2 ELISA kit Western blot
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[pThr202/Tyr204]Erk1/2 ELISA kit Standard curve [pThr202/Tyr204]Erk1/2 ELISA kit Western blot

Product Details

Alternative Name:MAPK2/3, MAP kinase 2/3
Sensitivity:2.67 pg/ml (range 62.5 - 2,000 pg/ml)
Assay Time:3 hours
Applications:ELISA, Colorimetric detection
Application Notes:For the measurement of [pThr202/Tyr204]Erk1/2 in cell lysates of human, mouse, and rat origin.
Wavelength:450 nm
Species reactivity:Human, Mouse, Rat
Crossreactivity:Phospho Erk (100%) and <0.01%: non-phosphorylated Erk, phospho p38, non-phosphorylated p38, phospho Jnk, non-phosphorylated Jnk, phospho AKT and non-phosphorylated AKT
Use/Stability:Store all components at 4°C, except standard at -20°C.
Shipping:Blue Ice
Contents:Microtiter plate, Conjugate, Antibody, Assay buffer 21, Wash buffer concentrate, Standard, TMB Substrate, RIPA Cell lysis buffer 2, Stop solution 2
Scientific Background:The mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway exists in all eukaryotes. It consists of several subgroups including ERK 1/2 (extracellular signal-regulated kinase), JNK and p38 kinases. These kinases regulate and control fundamental cellular processes including proliferation, apoptosis, survival and differentiation. They are activated by diverse stimuli including cytokines, growth factors, irradiation, changes in osmolarity, heat and shear stress. MAP kinases are characterized by their requirement for dual phosphorylation for full activation. ERK1 (44kDa) and ERK2 (42kDa) kinases are characterized by their requirement for dual phosphorylation at a conserved T-E-Y motif. The literature contains numerous and extensive reviews on MAP kinase.
UniProt ID:P27361 (Erk1), P28482 (Erk2)
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
Compatibility:This product is compatible with the Absorbance 96 Plate Reader.

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Product Literature References

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