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6-keto-PGF ELISA kit

Highly sensitive ELISA, detecting as low as 1.40 pg/ml in just 3 hours.
ADI-900-004 96 wells 448.00 USD
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Alternative size available: ADI-901-004 (5x96 wells)
  • Fast results from up to 38 samples in duplicate in just 3 hours
  • Highly specific with low cross-reactivity with structurally related molecules
  • Reliable and fully validated in-house with a variety of matrices
  • Widely published in peer-reviewed journals
The 6-keto-PGF EIA kit is a colorimetric competitive enzyme immunoassay kit with results in < 3 hours. Absorbance is read at 405 nm. This is a highly specific kit with low cross-reactivity to structurally related molecules. The 6-keto-PGF EIA kit has been fully validated in-house in a wide variety of sample matrices.
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Product Details

Alternative Name:6-keto Prostaglandin F
Sensitivity:1.40 pg/ml (range 3.2 - 50,000 pg/ml)
Assay Time:<3 hours
Applications:ELISA, Colorimetric detection
Application Notes:For the quantitative determination of 6-keto-PGF in culture supernatants, serum, saliva, and urine from any species.
Wavelength:405 nm
Species reactivity:Species independent
Shipping:Blue Ice Not Frozen
Long Term Storage:+4°C
Contents:DxS IgG Microtiter plate, Conjugate, Antibody, Assay buffer, Wash buffer concentrate, Standard, pNpp Substrate, Stop solution
Scientific Background:6-keto-PGF is a stable hydrolysis product of prostacyclin (PGI2). Due to the short half-life of PGI2 in buffer (2-3 minutes) the production of prostacyclin is typically monitored by measurement of the 6-keto-PGF metabolite and its derivative in urine, 2,3-dinor-6-keto-PGF. PGI2 has autocoid functions that include platelet aggregation, inhibition of vasoconstrictor responses to pressor hormones, platelet anti- and disaggregatory properties, and reproductive functions. The effects are induced by receptor-mediated elevation of cAMP. Prostacyclin has clinical applications in atherosclerosis and protection from myocardial ischemia.
Regulatory Status:RUO - Research Use Only
Compatibility:This product is compatible with the Absorbance 96 Plate Reader.

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Product Literature References

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