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Proteostasis Related Literature

Synthesis, Folding, Unfolding

Heat Shock Proteins and the Cellular Stress Reponse Catalog

Heat Shock - HSF Kits and Extremophile Chaperone Proteins

Wallchart - Heat Shock Protein Chaperone Complexes


ROS/RNS Detection



ProteoStat® Aggresome Detection Kit for flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy


ProteoStat® Amyloid Plaque Detection Kit

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Post-translational Modifications

Epigentics & Chromatin Modification Catalog

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HDAC & Sirtuin Assay Kits

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Ubiquitin & UBL Signaling Catalog


Protein Degradation

Cyto-ID™ Autophagy Detection Kit


Proteasome ELISA Kit - A Convenient New Kit For Determining Proteasome Concentration

MMP RED and GREEN Drug Discovery Kits



DPPIV/CD26 - Activity Assays for Biological Samples and Inhibitor Screening

Lyso-ID® Red Cytotoxicity Kit


Autophagy Poster



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