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2019 June 25 | Tags: In The News

According to a recent study, regular exercise is proven to protect against defects in memory consolidation caused by chronic stress. Ca2+ is needed for synaptic plasticity, allowing us to learn and remember. Read More

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2019 June 11 | Tags: In The News

The rate of colorectal cancer is increasing rapidly among people under the age of 50. Many young people are often misdiagnosed or detection occurs in the later stages when the cancer has already metastasized and the five year survival rate is low (14%). Read More

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2019 May 28 | Tags: In The News

High-fructose corn syrup is a common sweetener found in beverages and food and has been linked with increasing rates of obesity, leading to other diseases such as cancer. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in colorectal cancer in younger and middle aged adults. Previous studies have suggested that obesity and metabolic syndrome may affect tumor development. Does sugar boost cancer growth? Read More

2019 May 14 | Tags: In The News

Astronauts face various physiological and biological challenges after their descent into the cosmos including space motion sickness, bone demineralization, fatigue, and even isolation. Space physiology studies are limited due to minimal access to astronauts. Today’s technology, however, has allowed us to extract information even from small sample sizes. Blood biomarkers, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and more are easily measured and studied using ELISA kits, available through Enzo Life Sciences. Read More

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