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2018 April 17 | Tags: Epigenetics, Metabolism, In The News

Although weight gain naturally occurs during pregnancy, many gain more pounds than recommended. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can lead to major health complications. A high fat and high sugar diet during pregnancy can cause a fatty liver that could predispose children to numerous diseases and metabolic and cardiovascular disorders in later life. This information could be essential to developing strategies to tackle childhood obesity. Read More

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Diagnostic testing for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is limited. ASD are defined as developmental disorders affecting social interactions and the presence of a range of other issues including problems with speech, cognitive impairment, and behavioral issues. It can be difficult to diagnose ASD, especially at an early age. ASD results from a combination of genetic (30-35%) and environmental (65-70%) factors. Detection and earlier diagnosis in children could enable faster treatment options. Read More

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2018 March 20 | Tags: Neuroscience, Cancer, In The News

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) affects many older people with noticeable problems with language, memory, judgement and thinking skills. This could be indicative of the early stages of dementia or other diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The white matter within the brain is comprised of vital nerve fibers and is part of the central nervous system. New evidence suggests that exercise can improve brain heath and slow down the aging process by maintaining the white matter integrity. Read More

2018 March 6 | Tags: Immunity, Cancer, In The News

A recent report demonstrated the eradication of tumors by local immunotherapy. Mice were injected locally into the tumor with the combination of TLR9 ligand and anti-OX40 antibody and were monitored for the regression of tumors, for the occurrence of new tumors, and for their survival. Read More

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