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2017 February 28 | Tags: In The News

The mouth can contain hundreds of different bacterial, fungal and viral species that make up the normal oral microflora. Oral infections are very common and are a key risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Poor dental hygiene often causes gum disease and enables bacteria to enter the blood stream leading to inflammation of the heart. Most people do not clean their teeth twice a day, or for the recommended two minutes.
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2017 February 14 | Tags: In The News, Metabolism

According to a new report, regular meal times are just as important as what you eat due to the impact on the body’s internal clock. Interestingly, people who eat breakfast tend to have reduced rates of heart disease, low cholesterol, and low blood pressure with normal blood sugar levels
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2017 January 31 | Tags: cancer, In The News

Recently, scientists have investigated the effects of capsaicin, an active ingredient found in chili and peppers, on cancer cells. Capsaicin activated the transient receptor potential (TRPV1) receptor and caused the cancer cells to divide more slowly.
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2017 January 17 | Tags: In The News, Metabolism

Vitamin D deficiency has also been associated with gut bacterial disruption, and its association with metabolic syndrome. A diet high in fats or carbohydrates can trigger metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.
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