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2018 January 9 | Tags: Neuroscince, In The News

Sleep is a basic biological need and helps restore and maintain vital processes. Sleep needs can vary by age and condition. Most teenagers sleep less than the recommended 9 hours a night. Insufficient sleep can have a huge impact on health and productivity throughout the day. Short sleeping patterns and low quality sleep have been linked with mental illness, behavioral problems, and a range of diseases including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. How often do you get at least 7 hours of sleep? Read More

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2017 December 19 | Tags: Metabolism, In The News

The obesity epidemic is on the rise and new approaches to combat energy surplus are needed. Adipocytes, commonly known as fat cells, store energy in the form of lipids. Long-term fat storage is beneficial for people who have less access to high-fat foods or during times of food shortage. Additionally, adipocytes can convert stored energy into heat which is beneficial during cold temperatures. Cinnamon is a popular food additive that is commonly used in the food industry. Previous studies have suggested cinnamon can stimulate fat cells to release heat. Can adding extra cinnamon to our daily diets prevent weight gain? Read More

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2017 December 5 | Tags: Metabolism, In The News

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages consumed worldwide. Roasted coffee consists of a complex mixture of over 1000 bioactive compounds including caffeine. Some of these compounds have previously been shown to have potential antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, or anti-cancer effects. Understanding associations between coffee and health is important in order to determine if it’s safe to drink. There have been mixed conclusions as to how harmful or beneficial coffee can be to our health. Read More

2017 November 21 | Tags: Metabolism, In The News

The skeleton provides structure and serves as a framework for the body. It is comprised of 206 bones that allow the skeleton to protect and support internal organs and body tissue. Common diseases that can affect the skeletal system include osteoporosis and leukemia. Hormones, such as estrogen, can also affect bones, especially when women reach menopause, which can lead to osteoporosis. Interestingly, bones can produce hormones as well. Osteoblasts are cells that synthesize bone. They can also produce the hormone osteocalcin in an inactive form that has been found to affect how we metabolize sugar and fat. Read More

2017 November 17 | Tags: Cancer, Immunity

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