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2016 July 19 | Tags: In the news

A steady exercise regimen may be the connection between a fit body and a sharp mind. Struggling to remember where you left your car keys? Remember what you ate for breakfast? A recent study took a significant step forward in explaining how exercise improves memory among other health benefits. Scientists have identified a protein released by our muscles during exercise that can stimulate nerve growth associated with memory. Read More

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2016 July 5 | Tags: In the news

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are an emerging public health issue that can cause harm to people, animals and the ecosystem. An algal bloom is a visible colony of cyanobacteria or microalgae that grows quickly, causes water discoloration and looks like a floating layer of foam. Read More

2016 June 27 | Tags: In the news

Newly published research has shown how hundreds of genes are still active up to 48 hours after death. Read more to find out how… Read More

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