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2018 June 12 | Tags: In The News

A structure inside our cells, called the nucleolus, is well known as the site of ribosome biogenesis. Ribosomes are essential for protein synthesis, a process known as translation. The nucleolus functions in many cellular processes and has a prominent role in the stress response, development, and aging. Perturbations in nucleolar function have been associated with cancer and progeria, a rare genetic premature aging disorder. Read More

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2018 June 8 | Tags: Cancer

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2018 Mai 15 | Tags: Cancer, Metabolism, In The News

Berries, known to contain many nutrients, are consumed as part of a healthy diet. The color of berries is due to natural pigments called anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid. The pigments can be blue, red or purple and may provide important health benefits including protection against cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Sirtuins are enzymes that regulate key cellular signaling pathways. Aging and environmental factors may change sirtuin function and contribute to disease. Flavonoids have been shown to increase the function of sirtuin enzymatic activity in cancer cells and promote the expression of tumor suppressor genes. Read More

2018 Mai 1 | Tags: Cancer, Metabolism, In The News

There is evidence that shows a positive correlation between sugar and cancer. This could influence diets for cancer patients and may lead to new therapeutic targets for metabolic diseases and cancer. Characteristic metabolic changes enable cells to meet the demands of cell growth and division. The Warburg effect, also called aerobic glycolysis, is when cancer cells convert glucose to lactate instead of undergoing normal mitochondrial metabolism of glucose. However, the precise mechanism is unclear. Read More

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