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2016 December 6 | Tags: Epigenetics, In The News, Neuroscience

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a collection of neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by impaired social interaction, lack of verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. Autism is highly heritable, with environmental risk factors also playing a role in the occurrence of ASD. Some children and adults with ASD are able to accomplish daily activities, whereas others require assistance to perform basic tasks. Males are more likely to develop ASD than females and most symptoms are apparent before age 3. There is no cure for autism. However, with appropriate treatment and education, many children with ASD can develop and learn to help reduce challenges such as disruptive behavior.
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2016 November 22 | Tags: In The News, Metabolism

In a recent report, scientists have successfully targeted the gene, called Rap1, which has been associated with metabolism, overeating and weight gain in mouse. The Rap1 gene was deleted in a group of neurons in the hypothalamus that is involved in regulating metabolism. Surprisingly, genetically engineered mice without the Rap1 gene lost weight when fed a high fat diet. The mice lacking Rap1 ate less and burned more body fat than mice with Rap1.
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2016 November 15 | Tags: In The News, Neuroscience

A recent report examined the effects of a drug called Verubecestat in AD human and animal trials. The drug targets the production of protein plaques that are associated with AD. The drug functions as a BACE1 (beta-site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme 1) inhibitor involved in producing a protein called amyloid beta that forms the plaques.
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2016 November 8 | Tags: Oxidative Stress, In The News

Dolphins and other aquatic mammals can survive extended periods of time during long dives without oxygen by restricting blood flow to their kidneys, liver, lungs and heart to divert more oxygen to the brain. When aquatic mammals resurface, oxygenated blood flow is restored without any organ damage. Do aquatic mammals hold the key to protection against hypoxia and oxidative stress associated diseases?
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2016 October 25 | Tags: Oxidative Stress, In The News

Tardigrades (water bears) are microscopic aquatic animals found in various habitats such as marine, fresh water or moist terrestrial environments. Surprisingly, water bears can survive extreme conditions such as boiling and freezing temperatures, high pressure, rapid dehydration, starvation and large doses of radiation.
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