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Array CGH

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aCGH Labeling Validation Kit

Are you looking to validate your array CGH protocol with Enzo labeling kits?
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Enable Proven, Consistent aCGH

Array-based comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) is a powerful tool for detecting gene copy number gains and losses associated with chromosome abnormalities. Detecting chromosomal aberrations by aCGH is faster, more robust and provides superior results over other technologies such as FISH and G-banding karyotyping, thus providing a greater understanding of the role of chromosomal changes in genetic diseases and cancers.

Enzo’s proprietary labeling technology generates consistent results that exceed industry standards, increasing accuracy of variant detection, minimizing manual data analysis, increasing efficiency, and reducing overall sample analysis time.

  • Generate the highest quality DLR scores (0.09-0.12) and specific activity of labeling
  • Increase resolution for comprehensive, unbiased analysis of DNA copy number changes
  • Perform total genomic DNA analysis without amplification or complexity reduction

aCGH You Can Rely On

Enzo’s proprietary labeling technology delivers excellent DNA yields with superior dye incorporation leading to the highest specific activity of labeling.

Figure 1: Four replicate 500-ng DNA samples were labeled with Enzo’s CGH Labeling Kit for Oligo Arrays or a leading competitor’s kits. Enzo’s proprietary labeling technology generates the highest specific activity of labeling.

Optimized Protocol Saves Time

Enzo’s CGH protocol requires no DNA digestion or restriction enzymes, saving time and preventing DNA loss during restriction enzyme cleanup.

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Featured Products

CGH labeling kit for oligo arrays 

Superior labeling efficiency and better dye incorporation results in less failed runs
Print as PDF
ENZ-42671-K010 20 Reactions INQUIRE
ENZ-42671-K100 200 Reactions INQUIRE

CGH labeling kit for BAC arrays 

Print as PDF
ENZ-42670 20 Reactions INQUIRE

BIOSCORE® Screening and amplification kit (20 reactions) 

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ENZ-42440 1 Kit 458.00 USD

PCR & Gel clean-up column 

Quick, easy kit for purifying DNA from PCR, gels and labeling reactions for a variety of downstream applications.
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ENZ-GEN100-0020 20 tests 45.00 USD
ENZ-GEN100-0050 50 tests 85.00 USD
ENZ-GEN100-0200 200 tests 295.00 USD

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