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Live Cell Analysis Kits

The Enzo CELLESTIAL® product line includes robust cell based assays for measuring autophagy, aggresome accumulation, and lysosomal perturbations, all applicable to the analysis of autophagy.


The CYTO-ID® Autophagy Detection Kit is a no-transfection quantitative assay for monitoring autophagy in live cells. Suitable for flow cytometry and microscopy, the assay facilitates high-throughput screening of activators and inhibitors of autophagy. The CYTO-ID Autophagy Detection Kit includes a patent-pending dye that selectively stains pre-autophagosomes, autophagosomes, and autolysosomes (autophagolysosomes), with minimal staining of lysosomes.

  • Proprietary dye selectively stains autophagic vesicles, eliminating the need for time-consuming LC3-fusion protein transfection
  • Rapidly quantifies autophagy in native heterogeneous cell populations
  • Validated under a wide range of conditions and with small molecule modulators known to influence autophagy pathways
  • Negligible staining of lysosomes reduces background seen with other dyes (e.g. MDC)

Profile Autophagy Without Transfection. Starvation induces an increase in green fluorescence intensity as demonstrated by the presence of punctate cytoplasmic structures (top) compared to control cells (bottom). Nuclei counterstained with Hoechst dye (blue).


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CYTO-ID® Autophagy detection kit 

A No-transfection, Quantitative Assay for Monitoring Autophagy in Live Cells
FC, Fluorescence microscopy, Fluorescent detection, HTS | Print as PDF
ENZ-51031-0050 50 tests 195.00 USD
ENZ-51031-K200 200 tests 412.00 USD
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LYSO-ID® Green detection kit for microscopy 

Fluorescence microscopy, Fluorescent detection | Print as PDF
ENZ-51034-0100 100 tests 77.00 USD
ENZ-51034-K500 500 tests 224.00 USD
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LYSO-ID® Red cytotoxicity kit (GFP CERTIFIED®) for microplates 

A Rapid, Quantitative and HTS‐compatible Live Cell Cytotoxicity Assay 
Fluorescence microscopy, Fluorescent detection | Print as PDF
ENZ-51015-KP002 1 Kit 319.00 USD
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PROTEOSTAT® Aggresome detection kit for flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy 

Robust, quantitative detection of aggresomes relevant to the study of neurodegenerative disease, liver disease and toxicology
FC, Fluorescence microscopy, Fluorescent detection | Print as PDF
ENZ-51035-0025 25 tests 103.00 USD
ENZ-51035-K100 100 tests 280.00 USD
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MM 4-64 

Neuronal and autophagy detection in yeast detection.
≥90% (HPLC) | Print as PDF
ENZ-52252 1 mg 267.00 USD
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