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Drug Discovery

From Target Discovery to Drug Formulation

From target discovery and validation to drug formulation and manufacturing, an extensive offering of products and services is available that can accelerate your drug discovery program. Choose from an extensive range of assay kits, enzymes, substrates and compound libraries for primary and secondary screening; immunodetection assays suitable for reliable biomarker detection; cytotoxicity assays for in vitro drug safety assessment; and the new ProteostatTM line of products offering fluorescent detection of protein aggregates during formulation and manufacturing.


Curated Libraries Streamline Your Screening Process

Enzo Life Sciences has a long and successful track record in identifying, synthesizing, and commercializing valuable known bioactives for use as research tools.

Our long-standing, flagship SCREEN-WELL® Compound Library product family offers an easy, ready-to-use method for compound screening. We have a unique offering of focused compound libraries including FDAapproved drugs, natural products, receptor de-orphaning, chemical genomics, and pathway targeting.


Chemical Genomics
ICCB Known Bioactives
Kinase Inhibitors
Phosphatase Inhibitors
Protease Inhibitors
Ion Channel Ligands
REDOX Compounds

Drug Repurposing

FDA Approved Drug Library
FDA Approved Drugs (10 mM)

Receptor De-Orphaning
Bioactive Lipids
Fatty Acids
Nuclear Receptor Ligands
Orphan Ligands

Natural Products
Natural Products


Toxicity Libraries
Nephrotoxicity Library
Cardiotoxicity Library
Hepatotoxicity Library
Hematopoietic Toxicity Library
Myotoxicity Library
Nephrotoxicity Library

Pathway Targeting
Wnt Pathway


MMP Drug Discovery Kits

Redder MMP Substrates. Better Activity Assays

The MMP RED and GREEN Drug Discovery Kits are complete assay systems designed to screen MMP inhibitors, using long-wavelength quenched fluorogenic substrates. The assays are performed in a convenient 96-well microplate format, with the compound NNGH also included as a prototypic control inhibitor.

  • Improved red-shifted substrate with better kinetics and brighter signal
  • Includes active recombinant enzyme, substrate, and assay buffer
  • Convenient real-time kinetics of cleavage is easily determined
  • Microplate format for high-throughput screening


Predictive Toxicology

Cell Based Assays & Biomarker Detection

Through our broad range of scientific expertise and industry-proven manufacturing capabilities, Enzo Life Sciences provides a comprehensive set of solutions for the toxicology market, including cell based assays, focused compound libraries, as well as assay kits and reagents for biomarker detection and pathway analysis.

  • Visualize Toxic Events in vitro
  • Profile Organ-Specific Toxicity


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