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Commercialization Program

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Enzo Life Sciences, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative life science reagents. Since 1976 we have established successful collaborations around the world with leading scientists, universities and companies to commercialize and co-develop products.

What is the Product Commercialization Program?

If you have produced a reagent in your laboratory which you would like to make available to the international scientific community, please contact Enzo Life Sciences using the emails below. Upon receiving your request, we will quickly and efficiently review your product for quality, performance and commercial potential. We will then work with you to tailor an agreement that is mutually beneficial and successful for all parties.

Why commercialize research reagents?

  • Save valuable resources.
  • By commercializing your product through Enzo Life Sciences you can be free from consuming laboratory resources to satisfy requests for samples of reagents developed in your laboratory.
  • Generate additional funds for research.
  • Successful commercialization through Enzo Life Sciences creates opportunities to generate payments to your lab in the form of license fees or royalties.
  • Immediate worldwide access for all reagents. The international marketing and sales organization for Enzo Life Sciences provides quick access to the global Life Science Reagents Market.
  • Maintain collaborations.
  • Commercializing a product with Enzo Life Sciences does not restrict you from maintaining and establishing collaborations with colleagues. In some cases it may expand your scientific network.
  • Easy and Efficient.
  • You communicate with experienced scientific professionals with many personal connections and years of academic and industrial experience.
  • We offer flexible agreements with simple and efficient terms.
  • Commercialization can be realized within 60 days.

If you would like to discuss your ideas or find out more about working together please contact us: (North and South America) (Europe and Rest of World)

For more information visit our Corporate Profile.


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