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Adrenergic receptor inhibitor
BML-ST405-0005 5 g 61.00 USD
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Propranolol blocks PLD derived DAG formation by inhibiting phosphatidate phosphohydrolase (IC50=70 µM). It is a useful tool to discriminate between PLC or PLD mediated DAG production. It is also a β-adrenergic receptor blocking agent.

Product Specification

Formula:C16H21NO2 . HCl
Purity:≥98% (HPLC)
Identity:Determined by 1H-NMR and LC-MS.
Appearance:White to off-white powder.
Solubility:Soluble in water.
Long Term Storage:-20°C
ST405 Propranolol
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ST405 Propranolol

Product Literature References

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Regulation of phospholipase D in HL-60 granulocytes. Activation by phorbol esters, diglyceride, and calcium ionophore via protein kinase- independent mechanisms: M. M. Billah, et al.; J. Biol. Chem. 264, 9069 (1989), Abstract; Full Text
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