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Doxorubicin monoclonal antibody (MAD11)

ALX-804-624-C100 100 µg Inquire for pricing
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Product Specification

Alternative Name:14-Hydroxydaunomycin, Adriamycin, DXR
Species reactivity:Species independent
Specificity:Recognizes anthracycline compounds including doxorubicin analogs and derivatives.
Applications:ELISA, IHC, FUNC
Application Notes:Functional Application: In vivo antidotic effect.
Formulation:Liquid. Purified antibody containing 150mM sodium chloride and 0.02% sodium azide, pH 7.4.
Handling:Do not freeze.
Shipping:Shipped on Blue Ice
Long Term Storage:+4°C

Product Literature References

Role of proliferation in HER2 status predicted response to doxorubicin: M. Campiglio, et al.; Int. J. Cancer 105, 568 (2003), Abstract;
Topical administration of a doxorubicin-specific monoclonal antibody prevents drug-induced mouth apoptosis in mice: A. Balsari, et al.; Br. J. Cancer 85, 1964 (2001), Abstract;
Intratibial injection of an anti-doxorubicin monoclonal antibody prevents drug-induced myelotoxicity in mice: D. Morelli, et al.; Br. J. Cancer 75, 656 (1997), Abstract;
Apoptosis of hair follicle cells during doxorubicin-induced alopecia in rats: R. Cece, et al.; Lab. Invest. 75, 601 (1996), Abstract;
Oral administration of anti-doxorubicin monoclonal antibody prevents chemotherapy-induced gastrointestinal toxicity in mice: D. Morelli, et al.; Cancer Res. 56, 2082 (1996), Abstract;
Effect of a bifunctional monoclonal antibody directed against a tumor marker and doxorubicin on the growth of epidermoid vulvar carcinoma grafted in athymic mice: D. Morelli, et al.; Cell Biophys. 24-25, 119 (1994), Abstract;
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Relevance of antibody valency in EGF receptor modulation: D. Morelli, et al.; Scand. J. Immunol. 39, 453 (1994), Abstract;
An anti-doxorubicin monoclonal antibody modulates kinetic and dynamic characteristics of the drug: A. Sardini, et al.; Int. J. Cancer 50, 617 (1992), Abstract;
Anti-drug monoclonal antibodies antagonize toxic effect more than anti-tumor activity of doxorubicin: A. Balsari, et al.; Int. J. Cancer 47, 889 (1991), Abstract;
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Monoclonal antibodies against doxorubicin: A. Balsari, et al.; Int. J. Cancer 42, 798 (1988), Abstract;

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Doxorubicin Monoclonal antibody
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