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Ski monoclonal antibody (G8)

ALX-804-221-C100 100 µg 370.00 USD
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Product Specification

Immunogen:Recombinant v-Ski.
UniProt ID:P12755
Species reactivity:Human, Mouse, Rat
Chicken, Xenopus
Specificity:Recognizes cellular and hyperphosphorylated Ski.
Applications:ICC, IP, WB
Recommended Dilutions/Conditions:Immunocytochemistry (1-10µg/ml)
Immunoprecipitation (1-4µg per sample)
Western Blot (1-5µg/ml)
Suggested dilutions/conditions may not be available for all applications.
Optimal conditions must be determined individually for each application.
Application Notes:Detects bands of ~95kDa (Ski) and bands of up to ~115kDa (hyperphosphorylated Ski) by Western blot.
Purity Detail:Protein G-affinity purified.
Formulation:Liquid. In PBS containing 0.05% sodium azide.
Shipping:Shipped on Dry Ice
Long Term Storage:-20°C
Scientific Background:Ski (v-ski) was discovered as a viral oncogene from the genome of avian Sloan-Kettering retrovirus. Overexpression of both v-ski and cellular homolog c-ski in avian fibroblasts leads to anchorage-independent growth and morphological transformation of chicken embryo fibroblasts. Overexpression of c-ski has also been observed in several types of human cancer cells. It has been shown that Ski associates with Smads2, 3 and 4 proteins in response to TGF-β stimulation. Interactions between Ski and Smad2, 3 and 4 blocks Smads-mediated transcriptional activation as well as TGF-β-induced growth suppression of epithelial cells, suggesting oncogenic effects of Ski derive in part through its ability to antagonize the growth-inhibitory signals initiated by members of the TGF-β family of ligands. Ski is also required for transcriptional repression mediated by Mad involved in negative regulation of cellular proliferation and plays a role in muscle differentiation.
804-221 2
Figure: Western blot: Rat cells infected with (lane 1) pBABEpuro h-Ski expressing full length human Ski proteins of ~95kDa and 100kDa (hyperphosphorylated) and (lane 2) infected with pBABEpuro vector showing endogenous Ski proteins ranging from ~97 kDa to 115 kDa. Blot probed with MAb to Ski (G8) (Prod. No. ALX-804-221) at 1µg/ml.
804-221 1
Figure: Immunocytochemistry: Photomicrograph illustrating retrovirally over-expressed v-Ski infibroblasts stained with MAb to Ski (G8) (Prod. No. ALX-804-221).
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804-221 2 804-221 1

Product Literature References

Association of specific DNA binding and transcriptional repression with the transforming and myogenic activities of c-Ski: R. Nicol, et al.; Cell Growth Differ. 10, 243 (1999), Abstract; Full Text
Heterodimers of the SnoN and Ski oncoproteins form preferentially over homodimers and are more potent transforming agents: S.B. Cohen, et al.; Nucl. Acids Res. 27, 1006 (1999), Abstract; Full Text

General Literature References

c-Ski acts as a transcriptional Co-repressor in transforming growth factor-beta signaling through interaction with smads : S. Akiyoshi, et al. ; J. Biol. Chem. 274, 35269 (1999), Abstract; Full Text
Interaction of the Ski oncoprotein with Smad3 regulates TGF-beta signaling: Y. Sun, et al.; Mol. Cell 4, 499 (1999), Abstract;
Ski is a component of the histone deacetylase complex required for transcriptional repression by Mad and thyroid hormone receptor : T. Nomura, et al.; Genes Dev. 13, 412 (1999), Abstract; Full Text
SnoN and Ski protooncoproteins are rapidly degraded in response to transforming growth factor beta signaling: Y. Sun, et al.; PNAS 96, 12442 (1999), Abstract; Full Text
The Ski oncoprotein interacts with the Smad proteins to repress TGFbeta signaling: K. Luo, et al.; Genes Dev. 13, 2196 (1999), Abstract; Full Text
Viral ski inhibits retinoblastoma protein (Rb)-mediated transcriptional repression in a dominant negative fashion : F. Tokitou, et al.; J. Biol. Chem. 274, 4485 (1999), Abstract; Full Text
The ski oncogene: P. Sutrave & S.H. Hughes; Oncogene 6, 353 (1991), (Review), Abstract;

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Ski Monoclonal antibody
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