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Perforin (mouse) monoclonal antibody (CB5.4)

ALX-804-057-C100 100 µg Purified 316.00 USD
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Product Specification

Immunogen:Recombinant mouse perforin (aa 98-534).
UniProt ID:P10820
Source:Purified from mouse ascites
Species reactivity:Mouse
Specificity:Recognizes an epitope in the region aa 402-534.
Applications:ICC, IHC (FS), IHC (PS), IP, WB
Formulation:Liquid. In PBS containing 0.02% sodium azide.
Use/Stability:Stable for at least 6 months after receipt when stored at +4°C.
Handling:Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
Shipping:Shipped on Blue Ice
Short Term Storage:+4°C
Long Term Storage:-20°C
Schematic structure of mouse perforin (recombinant, aa. 98-534). The antibody recognizes an epitope within aa. 402-534.
Figure: Detection of perforin in the mouse T cell clone B6.1. (lane 1). Absence of perforin in the mouse fibroblast cell line NIH.3T3 (lane 2). The protein migrates as a 66 kDa species.
Method: Cell extracts from the T cell clone B6.1 (2x106) were resolved by SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions, transferred to nitrocellulose and probed with the CB5.4 antibody at 1 µg/ml. Proteins were visualized using a peroxidase-conjugated antibody to rat IgG and a chemiluminescence detection system.
Figure: Detection of perforin in an individual mouse T cell. Perforin is located in cytoplasmic granules.
Method: A mouse T cell clone was plated onto polylysine treated glass slides, fixed and permeabilized in methanol at -20oC for 5 min, then in acetone at -20oC for 30 sec. After 3 washings in PBS, 0.1% BSA, slides were incubated with 5 µg/ml of CB5.4 antibody, washed in PBS, incubated in anti-rat IgG-HRP, washed in PBS, and developed in appropriate substrate solution (DAB or AEC).
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Perforin Monoclonal antibody
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