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Oligo(deoxyadenosine:deoxythymidine) (endotoxin-free) (synthetic)

IFN activator
ALX-746-023-C050 50 µg 122.00 USD
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Strong IFN inducer, dependent of IRF3.

Product Specification

Alternative Name:Oligo(dA:dT)
Quantity:Aliquoted by weight of dry material. Contains polymer, residual salt and water. Sufficient for at least 200 cellular activation assays at 0.01-0.025µg/ml.
Formulation:Lyophilized. Sterile.
Endotoxin Content:<0.0002EU/µg (LAL test; BioWhittaker)
Reconstitution:For a 250µg/ml stock solution, dissolve the total vial content in 200µl endotoxin-free buffer or water.
Long Term Storage:+4°C
Use/Stability:Aqueous stock solution is stable for 1 day when stored at +4°C.
Handling:Protect from light. For maximum product recovery after thawing, centrifuge the vial before opening the cap. After reconstitution, prepare aliquots and store at -20°C.
Technical Info/Product Notes:For in vitro stimulation we recommend the following procedure:
1. Bone marrow-derived mouse dendritic cells (BM mDC) are cultured 8x104/100μl in RPMI containing 10% FCS over night at 5% CO2 and 37°C.
2. The medium is removed and replaced by 100μl OPTI MEM (Invitrogen) and subsequently the transfection mixture is added: 25μl OPTI MEM containing 0.025 to 0.25 Poly(dA:dT) + 25μl OPTI MEM containing 0.5μl Lipofectamine 2000 (Invitrogen) or alternative transfection agents.
3. Over night stimulation at 5% CO2 and 37°C.
4. Measurement of IFN-α/β in culture supernatants.

General Literature References

Cytosolic DNA recognition for triggering innate immune responses: A. Takaoka & T. Taniguchi; Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev. 60, 847 (2008), Abstract;
Intracellular pattern-recognition receptors: C. Dostert, et al.; Adv. Drug. Deliv. Rev. 60, 830 (2008), Abstract;
The inflammasome recognizes cytosolic microbial and host DNA and triggers an innate immune response: D.A. Muruve, et al.; Nature 452, 103 (2008), Abstract;
DAI (DLM-1/ZBP1) is a cytosolic DNA sensor and an activator of innate immune response: A. Takaoka, et al.; Nature 448, 501 (2007), Abstract;

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