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NFκB p65 ELISA kit

ADI-EKS-446 2x96 wells 1,112.00 USD
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  • Fast- measure the active form of NFκB p65 in just 3 hours
  • Higher throughput - 96 well plate based method faster than EMSA and Western blot
  • Sensitive - chemiluminescent detection
The NFκB p65 EIA kit provides a sensitive, rapid and reliable method to measure the active form of NFκB p65. The assay uses streptavidin-coated plates with bound NFκB biotinylated-consensus sequence to capture only the active form of NFκB. The captured active NFκB is incubated with a specific NFκB p65 antibody, which is then detected using an HRP conjugated secondary antibody. The assay is developed with a chemiluminescent substrate and the signal is detected using a luminometer. Higher throughput 96 well plate based method faster than EMSA and Western blot with sensitive chemiluminescent detection.
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Product Specification

Assay Time:3 hours
Applications:ELISA, Chemiluminescence
Application Notes:For the quantitative determination of active NFκB p65 in cell lysates of human, mouse, and rat origin. Cited sample(s) include nuclear protein extracts.
Species reactivity:Human, Mouse, Rat
Use/Stability:Reagents require separate storage conditions upon receipt.
Shipping:Shipped on Dry Ice
Kit/Set Contains:Microtiter plate, Antibody, HRP Conjugate, Antibody dilution buffer, Wash buffer concentrate, Luminol enhancer solution, Stable peroxidase solution, Wild Type Competitor Duplex, Mutant Competitor Duplex, 5X Binding Buffer, 20X Poly dIdC, Actived HeLa Cell Nuclear Extract
Scientific Background:Stimulation of the canonical NFκB pathway leads to the phosphorylation of and subsequent degradation of IκB; phosphorylation of the latter is controlled by a specific set of proteins referred to as the I Kappa Kinases (IKK), which include IKKα and IKKβ. Under normal conditions, IκB acts as a key regulatory molecule in that it sequesters p65 or Rel A within the cytoplasm; this blocks NFκB dependent transcription. Upon phosphorylation of IκB by IKK’s, p65 is released and free to associate with the p50 subunit; p65 acts as a transactivator whereas p50 possesses DNA binding activity. Complex formation leads to the subsequent translocation of the NFκB complex into the nucleus and the concomitant up-regulation of NFκB dependent genes. Disruption of this signaling nexus has been documented in a number of human pathological conditions including inflammation, infection and cancer.
UniProt ID:Q04206 (human)

Product Literature References

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Identification of novel HIV-1 dependency factors in primary CCR4 + CCR6 + Th17 cells via a genome-wide transcriptional approach: A. Cleret-Buhot, et al.; Retrovirology 12, 102 (2015), Application(s): Specificity of NF-κB p65 DNA-binding was determined using wild-type and mutated NF-κB p65, Abstract; Full Text
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