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IHC enzyme antigen retrieval reagent

ADI-950-280-0015 15 ml Inquire for pricing
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IHC enzyme antigen retrieval reagent is designed to unmask immunoreactive sites altered by fixation and/or the embedding process.

Product Specification

Formulation:Liquid. Enzyme antigen retrieval reagent.
Appearance:Clear slightly viscous solution.
Shipping:Blue Ice Not Frozen
Long Term Storage:+4°C
Scientific Background:The most commonly used tissue fixatives are aldehydes, such as formalin, which work by protein cross-linking. Proper fixation of a specimen prevents antigen from being washed out and is a critical aspect of successful IHC staining. Cross-linking can mask antigens, preventing primary antibodies from binding, thus yielding weak staining or false negative results. Immunoglobulins are especially susceptible to formalin fixation. Treatment with a proteolytic enzyme is required to digest excess aldehyde linkages and expose the antigen. The IHC enzyme antigen retrieval reagent is a proteolytic enzyme solution that results in superior staining over traditionally used enzyme pretreatments, such as pepsin and trypsin. Moreover, the IHC enzyme antigen retrieval reagent requires only a brief incubation at room temperature. Performing antigen recovery with the IHC enzyme antigen retrieval reagent will allow you to dilute the primary antibody 5 to 10 fold further and achieve optimal staining.
Technical Info/Product Notes:Interpretation of the results will be the sole responsibility of the user.
Protocol:Digestion Procedure
1. Deparaffinize tissue sections and bring them to buffer.
2. Remove excess buffer from slides without letting tissue dry.
3. Depending on tissue section size, add 1 or 2 drops of IHC enzyme antigen retrieval reagent.
4. Incubate slides for 5 minutes at room temperature.
5. Wash slides with buffer and proceed with immunostaining.

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