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HIGHDEF® IHC hematoxylin

ADI-950-220-0100 100 ml Inquire for pricing
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Product Specification

Formulation:Liquid. 1X Staining solution.
Long Term Storage:Ambient
Scientific Background:The HIGHDEF® IHC hematoxylin is intended for use in the histologic demonstration of nuclear staining. This staining technique is used to make the critical distinction between a normal nucleus and an abnormal one.
Technical Info/Product Notes:Research studies show pH of tap and DI water for rinsing slides can have an effect on staining. pH can change from acidic to base seasonally in different regions of the country. It has been further reported, that there have been changes in tap water from the morning to the afternoon in some states. Long rinsing times after bluing may differentiate out HIGHDEF® hematoxylin. We have modified our rinse time to 3-4 minutes, instead of the previous 7-10 minutes. The biggest objection to other hematoxylins has been that stained slides often fade after 1-3 years. This problem can be eliminated, however, when slides are washed, after hematoxylin, in running water for a minimum of 3-4 minutes.
The protocols for a specific application can vary. These include, but are not limited to: fixation, heat-retrieval method, incubation times, tissue section thickness and detection kit used. Due to the superior sensitivity of these unique reagents, the recommended incubation times and titers listed are not applicable to other detection systems, as results may vary. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the investigator to determine optimal conditions. These products are tools that can be used for interpretation of morphological findings in conjunction with other diagnostic tests and pertinent clinical data by a qualified pathologist.
  1. Deparaffinize and rehydrate tissue with water,
  2. Apply enough Hematoxylin to completely cover the tissue section and incubate for 2-10 minutes with Hematoxylin according to desired intensity,
  3. Rinse in tap or deionized water for 20 to 30 seconds,
  4. (optional) Incubate with bluing reagent (e.g. Shandon bluing reagent) for 30 seconds.
  5. (optional) Wash with tap or deionized water.
  6. Follow suggested dehydration and mounting procedures based on chromogen used.

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