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SAVIEW® (mouse/rabbit-AP) IHC kit

High sensitivity, low background streptavidin-based IHC detection kit.
ADI-950-120-0100 100 tests Inquire for pricing
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  • Streptavidin based detection with reduced carbohydrate and biotin background vs ABC
  • 5-10X more sensitive than ABC detection
  • Ready-to-use reagents in convenient kit format
  • Suitable for custom multiplexing IHC protocols
The SAVIEW® (mouse/rabbit-AP) IHC kit is intended for qualitative immunohistochemistry with normal and neoplastic formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections, to be viewed by light microscopy. Clinical interpretation of staining results should be accompanied by histological studies with proper controls. Patients’ clinical histories and other relevant diagnostic tests should be utilized by a qualified person(s) when evaluating and interpreting results. This kit is designed to label specific primary antibodies immunohistochemically on tissue sections.

Product Specification

Application Notes:Once you start the immunostaining process, don't let tissue sections dry because it can cause undesirable background staining and artifacts. Interpretation of the results will be the sole responsibility of the user.
Shipping:Blue Ice Not Frozen
Long Term Storage:+4°C
Kit/Set Contains:Alkaline Phoshatase enhancer (hydrogen peroxide), Linker reagent (biotinylated anti-mouse and rabbit antibodies),  Tracer reagent (Conjugated streptavidin AP), Detector reagents (HIGHDEF® red IHC (AP) chromogen and buffer)
Scientific Background:Immunohistochemical techniques are spreading rapidly and the practice of anatomic pathology has undergone a revolutionary change since the development of these procedures. Because of their versatility, sensitivity, and specificity, immunoperoxidase stains are invariably the best stains when appropriate antibodies are available. With the ever increasing number of antibodies against cellular antigens, immunoperoxidase techniques now provide a powerful tool to resolve a wide array of diagnostic pathology. All immunohistochemical techniques require the specific antibody employed to be labeled that they can be easily seen when attached to cellular antigens. At the same time the sensitivity of the immunoperoxidase techniques are central to wide variety of specific antigen localization. Alkaline phosphatase based kits are of special value for staining tissues that have high endogenous peroxidase activity. Alkaline phosphatase is unaffected by endogenous peroxidase and therefore results in cleaner background.
Technical Info/Product Notes:The SAVIEW® (mouse/rabbit-AP) IHC kit is based on direct SA-ALP conjugate technology. The linker reagent is a cocktail of biotinylated anti-mouse and anti-rabbit immunoglobulins, capable of labeling mouse and rabbit primary antibodies.

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ENZ-ACC102-0150 150 tests Inquire for pricing
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