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Direct cGMP ELISA kit

Most sensitive (0.025 pmol/ml) colorimetric kit for intracellular cGMP quantification.
ADI-900-014 96 wells 365.00 USD
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Replaces Prod. #: BML-AK300

Alternative size available: ADI-901-014 (5x96 wells)
  • Easy-to-use – pre-coated plates and liquid color-coded reagents reduce errors
  • Sensitive – optional acetylation protocol increases sensitivity 10-fold (0.025 pmol/ml)
  • Trusted – regularly cited in peer-reviewed publications
  • Higher throughput – obtain results from up to 39 samples in duplicate per 96 well plate
  • Simple – efficient and well-established sample handling protocols
  • Reliable – consistent lot-to-lot performance
This is a colorimetric competitive immunoassay kit for the quantitation of intracellular cGMP in cells or tissues lysed in 0.1 M HCl, which is used to stop endogenous phosphodiesterase activity and stabilize the released cyclic GMP. The 0.1M HCl treated samples are then analyzed directly in a microtiter plate without extraction, drying and reconstitution. Sensitivity is increased by acetylation (reagents included). Absorbance is read at 405 nm.The ready-to-use liquid color-coded reagents provided reduce error.
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Product Specification

Alternative Name:cyclic GMP
Sensitivity:(non-acetylated) 0.604 pmol/ml; (acetylated) 0.025 pmol/ml (range (non-acetylated) 0.8 - 500 pmol/ml; (acetylated) 0.08 - 50 pmol/ml)
Assay Time:2 hours
Applications:ELISA, Colorimetric detection
Application Notes:For the quantitative determination of cGMP in cell lysates and tissue from any species. Cited sample types include cerebral spinal fluid (ref. 1) and microdialysate (ref. 2).
Species reactivity:Species independent
Crossreactivity:cyclic GMP (100%) and <0.001% GMP, GTP, cyclic AMP, AMP, ATP, cyclic UMP, CTP
Use/Stability:Store all components at 4°, except standard and conjugate at -20°.
Kit/Set Contains:GxR IgG Microtiter plate, Conjugate, Antibody, 0.1M HCl, Neutralizing reagent, Wash buffer concentrate, Standard, pNpp Substrate, Stop solution, Acetic anhydride, Triethylamine
Scientific Background:Cyclic GMP (cGMP), which has been shown to be present at levels typically 10-100 fold lower than cAMP, is formed by the action of the enzyme guanylate cyclase on GTP. Some hormones, such as Acetylcholine, Insulin, and Oxytocin, as well as certain other chemicals like Serotonin and Histamine cause an increase in cGMP levels. Stimulators of guanylate cyclase such as the vasodilators nitroprusside, nitroglycerin, sodium nitrate, and nitric oxide (NO) also stimulate cGMP levels.

Product Literature References

Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Age-Related Changes on Na,K-ATPase Activity and Oxidative Status Induced by LPS In Rat Hippocampus: A.R. Vasconcelos, et al.; Neurobiol. Aging (2015), Application(s): ELISA using rat brain supernatant, Abstract; Full Text
PCSK6-mediated corin activation is essential for normal blood pressure: S. Chen, et al.; Nat. Med. 21, 1048 (2015), Abstract;
Dephosphorylation and inactivation of NPR2 guanylyl cyclase in granulosa cells contributes to the LH-induced decrease in cGMP that causes resumption of meiosis in rat oocytes: J. Egbert, et al.; Development 141, 3594 (2013), Application(s): EIA using rat ovarian follicles, Abstract;
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Increased cerebrospinal fluid cAMP levels in Alzheimer's disease: M. Martinez, et al. ; Brain Res. 846, 265 (1999), Application(s): EIA using human cerbrospinal fluid, Abstract;

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Direct cGMP ELISA kit 

Most sensitive (0.025 pmol/ml) colorimetric kit for intracellular cGMP quantification.
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ADI-901-014 5x96 wells 1,465.00 USD
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